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About Dr. Nalani Butler

Professor and Consultant


Dr. Nalani Butler, PhD, is a Professor and a Sport Sociologist who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Dr. Butler grew up in a multi-cultural family and her ancestry includes African, Caribbean, and Polynesian roots. Her background brings a unique and personal perspective to conversations around diversity, inclusion, and conflict resolution. 

Dr. Butler’s experience with diversity, inclusion, and conflict resolution involves teaching students at the university level for the past 10 years and facilitating conversations that have to do specifically with race, gender, nationality, and disability. 

Working at the university level has enabled Dr. Butler to interact with individuals from all over the world and to continuously evolve in her ability to communicate and understand how an individual's background and environment may impact their ability to understand issues revolving around culture and diversity. Her time teaching in the classroom has allowed her to perfect her ability in facilitating conversations and workshops in diversity and inclusion, in an engaging and impactful way. 

More recently, Dr. Butler was invited by Dr. Ronald B. Woods to co-author the 4th edition of Social Issues in Sport textbook, which introduces students to the study of sport as a social phenomenon. The book explores current trends in sport and examines complex connections between sport and politics, economics, religion, race, gender, youth, and more.

Dr. Butler’s unique approach of using sport, health, and wellness to facilitate conversations about diversity, allow her to connect with companies and organizations who are looking to create a more inclusive environment for everyone to thrive in. 

When Dr. Butler is not in the classroom or consulting, she enjoys biking, hiking, and spending quality time with friends and family. 

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